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My name is Mladen.

 I am involved in finding, photographing and rescuing snakes and other reptiles in the Vugrovec area and I also educate our neighbours about themand sometimes I bring what I "caught" to show them. All the animals that i find I return to where I found them, except if they are too close to humans that are afraid of them and/or kill them. Then I relocate them a little further away to a safer spot.

In 2007. I joined the Croatian Herpetologycal Society HYLA and I cooperate with people from the Nature Park Medvednica and Forest Park Maksimir.

With all of that, I have an interest in entomology, specially beetles
and I also play the guitar.

From 2008 I have stuied biology on the Zagreb university. In 2014 I have became the Master in Experimental Biology (zoology).

Visit also YouTube channel with my videos
: MlaZad
& my web pages  Croatian Snakes.

My Mom Vesna, she's crazy about birds, butterflies and wild orchids as much as I am about snakes. She's responsible for the majority of the photos of everything and for the visual design, editing and publishing of these web pages. She grows garden flowers and herbs.


My Dad Mario does a little bit of everything: together we made the bird "feeding stations" and nest boxes (in which the birds moved in soon after we put them on the trees). He maintains meadows and thickets, finds rare birds and plants, even mice, maintains the "roads" and our vacation cottage. He grows vegetables and grains and buys the bird seeds. He is excellent in spotting the interesting flora na fauna specimens during our field trips.


My cousin Jelena has also graduated biology (ecology). She identified a lot of our plants, butterflies and even the contents of a couple of owl pellets.

Currently she attends the postgraduate studies in microbiology.


Lord was our special friend and main reason to start visiting Vugrovec area since the year 2000 and intensively observe, protect and take notes of the nature around us. After his death in 2011 we miss him a lot. 
see more Lord's photos & videos