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This is the largest shooting stand (now replaced with a new one) on Bedenik, during summer and winter. Beneath it is a steep meadow and the view is beautiful towards the South, all the way to Zagreb.
If it wasn't used in such a dishonorable manner, it would be a nice lookout.

These beautiful feeding stations for deer (left) and boars & pheasants (right) seem useful for the animals because they help them survive the winter.
But their real purpose is to stop the animals from going to the neighbouring hunting grounds and to get used to coming at the same spot, where they can be cowardly shot in an ambush.

These are traces of one such act. The hunter took out the guts of the dead animal (a boar) right near their feeding station and left it to rot along with a dirty rag.
Bottom left: a new shooting stand from which the boar was shot, near the feeding station.

We suspect that the transport of material for its construction was one of the reasons that the forest around the hiker trail was cleared - see pictures of that devastaion.

These numbered nests can be found around the forest. We asume that they were placed by the hunters. But the are in bad locations (movement of people and vehicels) so birds won't move in.
 Hunters claim that their actions help regulate the number of "pests" and that they shoot old and injured animals. Those explanations are absured because there isn't a hunting species in our area that have large populations. There is a somewhat good number of pheasants, but deer and boars are few in numbers. Beside that, there is no agricultural work in the area to which that would be detrimental. A few active fields are very close to humans and the animals never come there. The shooting of helpless animals is a totally absurd action because they are going to die anyway and become prey for the predators.

It is absurd that in today's world, when we know a lot about the fragile balance of ecosystems and when we have become convinced that EVERY human intervention has NEGATIVE consequences, there is still a law that legalizes hunting. Hunting should be banned completely, and not also included into Croatia's turist offers.