Bioraznolikost  vugrovečke  okolice  /  Biodiversity  of  the  Vugrovec  Area  

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This big dump for all kinds of garbage is located in a ravine immediately under a natural spring that was in 1985. turned into a water source for part of the village. People hav been using this water for 20 years in their homes, some even drink it, and the surrounding area is used as a garbage dump. Irresponsible  weekenders also contribute to it with small things, bottles and old oil drums, but irresponsible villagers throw washing machines, stoves... which they bring there on their tractors. UNBELIVEABLE, DISGRACEFULLL BUT TRUE.

The ravine is located right under a narrow tractor trail and access to a larger vehicle with a crane or grabber, which would clean the dump up is almost impossible. It's too steep and some of the pices are too heavy to clean by hand. The pile, sadly, continues to grow and mostly it's biologically undegradable garbage.

Old car wrecks "pop up" everywhere, even in inaccessible locations. It is unclear how they even got there. This one is located under the car park for the hiker house Vugrovec, which is the eastern start for the Sljeme Hiker's Transverse, that is, trail nr. 1.

Unused building material is left everywhere. Weekenders take the led in that department, especially those that abandoned their plot or aren't coming any more.

Forest workers, after they complete their work, leave their garbage (motor oil canisters, cans from their lunch, plastic bottles.
 Sadly, hikers, who should be more eco friendly, also throw garbage along the trails: cigarette boxes, candy wrapers, glass and plastic bottles. 2-3 times a year my family, during our walks, picks it all up and we take it into containers in Sesvete. In every 2 hour walk the few of us collect 2 full large bags of such garbage.

A special problem are unknown young people that drive to a crossroad above the village and to the parking lot for the hiker's house. After their nightly drinking parties they throw about lots of beer bottles and other garbage everywhere around them.

It is completely unclear why it isn't such a problem to bring full packages with the into nature, but it is so much of a problem to take the empty ones back out to the first garbage can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!