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There are not enough hollow trees arround and 
it is hard for birds to find those with suitable size and position.  
So we build artificial nestboxes out of cutout old trees and branches. (
artificial nests)
One of those has accomodated
Great Tits for several times and
afterwards a female
Wryneck developed an interest in it.

On 2 ocasions she has visited the nestbox, entering and exiting, checking the inside and surroundings.
See video: IN/OUT (10MB)
Her colour and pattern acomodation to tree bark is remarkable!

  Once she even cleaned the nest and threw out the bedding that previous tenants had used (moss and dog's hair).
See the video about it: cleaning (7MB)

The Great Tit has disliked those activities and was protesting loudly and by angry tail spreading. 
She even peeked inside, but soon she gave up.
Yet, we are not sure the Wryneck occupied the nest. 

See the video: 
window peeking

We have not seen another partner, so there is a possibility that she is a single female with the nesting instinct.

Natural hollows 
Starling flies out of the nest after feeding his hungry chicks  3 days later, after young Starlings fledged, and Aesculapian snake checks the empty nest possible nest